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Faraday Cage

Being able to survive off the grid and not using any fancy gadgets or electronics is a wonderful thing, but most of us do have, and often rely on, our electronics.  Most disasters won’t have an effect on the use of your electronics, but there are some exceptions that could completely ruin them for good. …

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With Hurricane Michael coming close to Florida, now seems like a good time to do a post on Hurricanes.  Don’t ya think?  So let’s get going! WHAT TO DO IF A HURRICANE IS COMING Obviously the best option if a hurricane is coming is to get out of the area and head to safety. Unfortunately, …

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Purifying Water

One of the most useful skills, in my opinion, is the ability to make contaminated water drinkable again. If things get bad and the only water you can find is dirty, having the knowledge to fix it can easily save your life and the lives of your family. Think about it, it doesn’t even have …

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Being able to get water is not only a valuable skill, it’s a necessity!One way to do this is by making a solar still. There are numerous ways to do this, but this method is pretty straightforward, and anyone can do it with just a little material. The items that you need are as follows: …


Bug Out Bag

What is a bug out bag People often view the “bug out bag” as something that you grab when the SHTF. This is one way to look at it. Another way is to look at it like a bug out bag is nothing more than a bag that makes you ready for a given situation. …

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