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Emergency Medical Kit

Needing a Medical Kit

When people think about a disaster situation, something that is often overlooked is the real possibility that they (you) might be hurt.

If emergency services are not available, you may very well be on your own to fix up yourself and your family.  Along with having the knowledge to do this, there are some important tools that you will need.  In the ARMY, in conjunction with being infantry, I was also a combat lifesaver. This meant that I had to poses the knowledge, skills, and tools to fix up any of my brothers that got hurt.  With that said, I am no doctor and I don’t claim to be an expert in the medical field by any means.  I do however know that having a good medical bag is essentials if someone gets hurt.  In a short term disaster, emergency services might not be able to get to you, like in a flood for example.  Having a medical kit might get you or a loved one by until they can.

Making Your Kit

Now you can do this a couple different ways. You can buy a bag that is already put together with most everything you need. Or, you buy items individually and put them in a bag you create. I recommend a combination of this. Buying a medical bag that is already put together and organized is very convenient and you will get most of everything that you need. There could be other items you want to add like Quickclot or a survival knife, but for the most part, this will give you what you need.

Not all bags that are on the market will have everything that you need, so be sure to review what is in there prior to buying. There are also small vehicle bags that are not bad to have that are much smaller and cheaper. But investing in a medical bag that has something for most all situations, will give you piece of mind and just might save your life.

If anyone has any experience with this, feel free to add your insight to the comments. After all, learning from each other is what this is all about. Remember, in the event of a disaster, be prepared not dependent.

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