Mace Pocket Model Pepper Spray – Neon Orange


Mace® Pocket Model Pepper Spray – Neon Orange

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Introducing the Mace Pocket Model Pepper Spray, the ideal self-defense keychain for safety on the go. This compact and easy-to-use pepper spray is designed to provide accurate and effective protection in any situation.

With a powerful formula that is among the hottest pepper sprays allowed by law, this spray can reach targets up to 10 feet away, ensuring that you are able to defend yourself from a safe distance and stopping attackers in their tracks.

The flip top safety lid ensures that the pepper spray is directed properly on the target, while the included keychain allows you to keep it within reach at all times.

The pepper spray is available in a high visibility neon orange color. Whether you are walking home from work or heading out on a late-night jog, the Mace Pocket Model Pepper Spray is the perfect tool for keeping yourself safe and secure.

Order yours today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for any situation.

Made in the USA.

– 10ft stream range
– Up to 15 bursts
– 10% OC pepper & 1.4% Capsaicinoids
– UV dye included in formula to help identify assailants
– Flip top safety lid ensures pepper spray is directed properly on the target
– Finger-grip design for targeting accuracy and assured grip
– Keychain included
– Compact design; only 12 grams / 0.42 oz

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